« Reconstruction N271: 1st part»

Published on 23-02-2023

Update: 07/19/2023:

From tonight the N271 will be open for through traffic.

Update 07/13/2023:

The Schildersweg will be connected to the N271 tomorrow, so that the Schildersweg can only be reached after 10.30 a.m.

Update May 23, 2023:

The N271 from Mook to Plasmolen will be closed from 7 June to 28 July. The advice route is to follow the A73 and then take the A77 exit, (direction Gennep/Nieuw-Bergen/Goch/Köln) to follow.

UPDATE 01-05-2023

from 5 May, end of working day, the N271 will be open again. It will remain open throughout May. follow-up dates for the next phases follow on this site.

UPDATE 27-04-2023

Our guests can report to the traffic controller, which is located at restaurant De Plasmolense hof. Our guests can drive on the new road to our campsite.

UPDATE 21-04-2023 

This weekend, our guests are advised to report to the traffic controller at Restaurant De Plasmolense hof. He will guide you over the bus lane to our campsite. Our guests of the seasonal and annual pitches (so without a caravan)  are requested to drive via Gennep.

UPDATE 17-04-2023:

We have been told that the date mentioned, April 27, is not feasible due the peat layer found under the asphalt. The work of phase 1 will be completed on 5 May.

UPDATE 13-03-2023:

Google maps indicates the route via Groesbeek and Gennep, this is not correct! There are obstacles on the road and there is a turn that cannot be made with the caravan. The right way until April 27 is A73, exit Heumen then you will come to the N271, keep following this up through Mook and drive all the way forward untill you are in Plasmolen and there is a traffic controller who will guide you to our campsite. also look at https://www.vananaarbeter.nl/

UPDATE: 23-03-2023:

Finally the time has come: Plasmolen is getting even more beautiful!!!

The province is finally going to start the long-planned reconstruction to make Plasmolen even more beautiful, but above all safer. We try to keep you on this page as up to date as possible with all the information we receive from the Province.

During the 1st phase, our campsite is accessible on the N271 from the North, from Mook. Guests of our campsite are met by a traffic controller at the beginning of the work area and shown how to reach our campsite along the work area. 

This phase will last from February 27 to April 26. From King's Day, the N271 will be open in both directions until June.

From June until the construction industry they close the N271 from Mook to Plasmolen, so from the north and our campsite is then accessible from the south, from Gennep.